Uses of Herbs, Discover Things You can do with Herbs

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For thousands of years, our ancestors have greatly relied on the use of herbs and spices for food and medicine. Today, we still rely on the same but in a more high-tech manner. This complies with the universal and general rule of Mother Nature that has something to do with the ecological principle where everything has its own use and purpose. Here are some of the many uses of herbs that you can apply in a practical way.

These different types of herbs are described to be as versatile, economical and eco-friendly.

These different types of herbs are described to be as versatile, economical and eco-friendly.

Astonishing Uses of Herbs that You Should Know

During the 19th century, herbs are also used as effective disinfectants and natural cures even for the most common and worst kinds of ailments. Herbs, just like lemons are also used as air fresheners. Essential oils are extracted from herbs which is then used as skin softener and perfume. Time and again, millions of people have depended so much on these plants for their everyday life. In these modern times, these helpful greens have become part of our busy lives without us even noticing.

  • Herbs are used as practical home cleaners.- Karyn Maler, a famous author has found out that there are some plants like sage and lavender can be turned into a soft scrubber when they are mixed with baking soda and some water. All you have to do is to prepare the following: Water, 15-20 drops of essential oils and those above mentioned plants.
  • Repel pests in no time.- A notable herbalist whose name is Katolen Yardley, has gladly shared this undeniable fact that fragrant herbs effectively ward off pests inside and outside your homes. Classic examples of these are: Comfrey, rosemary and mints. Descriptively, these are scientifically termed as aromatic plants. On the other hand, if these plants are unavailable in your country the next best thing that you should do is to crush dried herbs using a mortar and pestle. For example, lavender is most effective in repelling fleas.
  • Aid the air to become fresher and cleaner..- To be able to serve this particular purpose, combine the following ingredients into equal amounts.These are: Lavender and peppermint, sweet orange and vanilla and the so-called vetiver and bitter orange.

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