Vandolph Quizon: No Big Deal with Inheritance Issues

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Comedy actor and son of the late Comedy King Dolphy, Vandolph Quizon has time and again reiterated that that there is no big issue behind their respective inheritances from their iconic father. According to Dolphy’s son from actress Alma Moreno, all 18 of them had a serious meeting with their dad at at the Makati Medical Center, Philippines where he died due to multiple organ failure. With respect to his relationship with his siblings, the chubby and bubbly Vandolph has candidly admitted that he is much closer to director Eric Quizon among all his brothers and sisters. Likewise, he said that they would have been much happier if Dolphy got the National Artist Award.

Former child actor Vandolph Quizon says that there is no big deal with inheritance issues.

Former child actor Vandolph Quizon says that there is no big deal with inheritance issues.

Vandolph Quizon has been abundantly blessed with all the best things in his life. He is now happily married Jenny Salimao, a former Sexbonb talent of Eat Bulaga. Though his parents separated when he was still very young, Vandolph has lived a normal life. His mom and dad were on speaking terms already when he started to know more about the real essence of life. Currently, he is so busy with their top rating daytime show, Be Careful with My Heart on ABS-CBN 2. Apart from this, he is too busy for their preparation insofar as the forthcoming death anniversary of Dolphy.

As a child actor, he has always been the sidekick of his dad in some of his classic films in the late ’80s. Later in his showbiz career, he was dearly trained by his dad to know more about the ins and outs of comedy routines which he is currently adapting to hone his career even more. During his heydays, Vandolph Quizon had met a tragic accident which nearly cost his precious life. He was in severe pain and his doctors then had said that only a miracle can save his life. In those trying moments, Vandolph Quizon was able to survive by God’s grace.

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