Comedy actor and TV host Vhong Navarro has triumphantly won his second rape case that was filed by Deniece Cornejo, who strongly claimed that she was indeed raped twice last January 2014. The Office of the Prosecutor in Taguig had found some loopholes in her own testimony, which made it more dubious. This was in reference to the fact that she had invited Navarro to her rented condominium for the second time after she was allegedly rapeed on the 17th day of January. In relation to her first complaint, the actor and TV host allegedly raped her which caused Navarro to sustain several and serious physical injuries after Cedric Lee and his cohorts left Vhong almost black and blue during that evening.

Vhong Navarro has won the second rape case, that was filed by Deniece Cornejo.

Vhong Navarro has won the second rape case, that was filed by Deniece Cornejo.

According to Vhong, it was a blackmail because Lee and his group were asking for money in exchange for their silence. In the same manner, he was allegedly forced to admit that he raped the young commercial model. Previously, the first rape case was dismissed by the Department of Justice after the presentation of the evidence in relation to the defense of Navarro. According to his lawyer Atty. Alma Mallonga, the dismissal vindicates Vhong, gives lie to the baseless charges against him, and brings him one step closer to reaching the end of his quest for full justice.

As far as the Cornejo camp is concerned, they have yet to comment on the said decision. As of now, Cornejo is incarceration but she has vowed to fight her quest of justice until the very end. Despite of these bitter developments, she remains to be optimistic that Navarro will have his day in court. Inside her detention cell, Cornejo sadly admitted that her life was never the same again. She is sleeping on a mat with no special privileges or whatsoever. She is sharing a small detention cell alongside with other inmates. Cornejo said in one her most rare interviews that Life is a big university.

In closing, let the wheels of justice be served to both Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo. Just the same, whoever remains to be victorious till this controversial case comes to an end must learn his or her lessons in life in all humility.

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