Comedian and TV host Vhong Navarro, will continue in his quest to fight for truth and justice as he strongly pursues the grave coercion case against commercial model Deniece Cornejo and businessman Cedric Lee alongside with the other persons involved in the controversial case against him. In lieu of this, his legal counsel Attorney Alma Mallonga says Vhong is still pondering about whether to attend their third and final mediation in relation to the said case. The mediation is set to happen on the 4th day of August 2014. Previously, the popular and most sought after Filipino comedian had attended the other two mediations which had been held last June 2 and July 8 respectively.

Comedian and TV host Vhong Navarro continues the grave coercion case against Cornejo and Lee.

Comedian and TV host Vhong Navarro continues the grave coercion case against Cornejo and Lee.

These crucial hearings were requested by the Taguig City Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 74. As far as the last mediation is concerned, his camp has requested through the kind indulgence of her lawyer to earnestly grant motion of non-appearance of their client. Consequently, the honorable mediator has this to say.

If Mr. Navarro is not really interested in settlement, he wanted to hear that for himself.

In line with the said mediation process, Attorney Mallonga has this to say.

There is no amount of money that could actually compensate for what has been done to him and Mr. Navarro would rather that the court itself determine how much is the damages.

More so, Vhong Navarro’s lawyer is very much concerned with his safety because there were some people who were allegedly throwing objects at him. In the same manner, there were spectators who were shouting some unkind words toward him. On the part of his accusers, Cedric had insulted Navarro in one of their mediations. Further, the camp of Navarro said that Florencia Cornejo should not be present in the said court requisite against Navarro. Meanwhile, here are the other names in this grave coercion case. These are: Bernice Lee, Zimmer Raz, Jose Paulo Gregorio Calma; Ferdinand Guerrero and Jed Fernandez.

On Navarro’s part, they have presented a special investigator whose name is Rommel Ramirez to shed more light on the said case which has been filed by the ever gorgeous and admirable TV host Vhong Navarro.

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