Vic Sotto is Dead- Social Media Users

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Sometimes the complex world of social media can be considered as extremely irresponsible and too inaccurate to the point where it cannot sometimes be too reliable in terms of information dissemination and all other related factors to consider with respect to increasing the value and the quality of news items which to be delivered across the globe. Just recently, the alleged death of famous TV host and comedian Vic Sotto as being spread by those intriguing and malicious social media realms, had shocked the local industry. According to these unreliable sources, the much sought after and generous comedian who is known as Bossing in local showbiz bid the industry goodbye forever. However, this was disproved by the top execs of TAPE production, his closest friends and his brother Senator Tito Sotto.

TV host and comedian Vic Sotto is dead, according to irresponsible users of social media.

TV host and comedian Vic Sotto is dead, according to irresponsible users of social media.

Thus, these nasty rumors were labeled as malicious and somehow as an act of cowardice according to his longtime buddy, Joey de Leon. According to de Leon, Sotto is too preoccupied with his golf hobby twice a week which had become the main reason why he is sometimes not visible in the longtime running show Eat Bulaga. Along this line, Joey de Leon, even joked the comedian by saying, Oh, you’re alive.

Although Vic Sotto has been rumored as such, he does not give a damn about these funny rumors. But of course. his millions of fans were deeply affected by the said false information. As a result, a popular social media portal had been bombarded with questions in relation to the veracity of those reports. Currently, Sotto’s so happy with actress Pauleen Luna because of her unconditional love for him and his children. Although, he was romantically linked with other celebrities before, he hopes and pray that Luna will be the last woman in his controversial love life.

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