Comedian and TV host Vice Ganda defended in all honesty President Aquino’s SONA just a few days ago. According to her very inspiring tweet, she felt heard when she intently listened to the very emotional speech of the President. Significantly, he noted that his beloved countrymen never got their sense of satisfaction whenever there was a newly- elected president. Along this juncture, he had sincerely written in his official Twitter account that not all rallyists are fighting for a cause.

Hence, some of these people are being paid just to have something to spend to be able to buy some rice. He said that those protesters who are oftentimes complaining about the filthiness of politics, are the ones who are making the major streets in the Philippines to become dirtier than they were before. In general, he said.

Of course, there will always be people who will take it negatively, who will not be in favor of what you will say.

Vice Ganda defends the President's SONA without any strings attached.

Vice Ganda defends the President’s SONA without any strings attached.

More so, he revealed that we are all created differently. In effect, human necessities are entirely diverse from one person another. He even vividly recalled that he used to join rallies when he was still studying. Speaking of his meaningful perspectives, he says that he does not go for those people whose principles and advocacies are being equated with financial matters more than anything else. Meanwhile, Vice Ganda has clarified that that there is no rift between him and veteran activist Teddy Casino. To date, he even voted for him during the last elections.

On the other hand, his friendship with TV host Kris Aquino has nothing to do with his full and unconditional support for President Aquino. It’s just that the President is doing the right thing as far as governance is concerned. Again, Vice Ganda said that nobody in particular can ever influence her in any way.

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