On his very special day, Vice Ganda has only one fervent wish. This arduous request of his, is no other than but to have a no holds barred, on air interview with the fiercest and most gallant Filipino lawmaker, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. As we all know, Vice Ganda will celebrate his star-studded birthday bash on his popular variety show, “Gandang Gabi Vice” this March 31. Due to his ardent wish, he even posted on his official Twitter account. “My Birthday wish is to have #SenMiriamOnGGV.” As a result, it became a trending tweet via the internet. In fact, it has generated an approximate of 1,600 retweets according to Yahoo. Likewise, this very heartwarming birthday wish of the notable Filipino impersonator has even garnered 3,354 favorites.

Will Vice Ganda get his wish to interview Senator Miriam Santiago on Gandang Gabi Vice?

Will Vice Ganda get his wish to interview Senator Miriam Santiago on Gandang Gabi Vice?

Aside from this exciting tweet of Vice Ganda, another impressive video invite had a Viral phenomenon on the popular social media account, “Facebook”. It was uploaded by a certain Allan Joey Sunga. Curiously, the video features Vice Ganda as he openly expresses his dream of having Senator Miriam Santiago on GGV. More so, the said video clip has a very motivating caption, “Let’s campaign for this one and share this to make it Viral. Hanggang umabot kay Sen. Miriam Santiago. Hanggang mapanood natin sya to guest sa #GGV.” (Let’s campaign for this one and share this to make it Viral. Until it reaches Senator Miriam Santiago. Until we can watch her to guest on GGV). Along this line, millions of GGV viewers are really looking forward to watch the brainy senator from the very day since it had its initial telecast on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

In the event that Vice Ganda gets his birthday wish no matter what it takes, Vice Ganda has said many times over that it will really be a big honor and privilege to have the dynamic senator from Iloilo on “Gandang Gabi Vice”. Simply because, Vice Ganda is really an avid fan of the most eloquent legislator in Philippine Senate. Sincerely, Vice Ganda has also revealed his unconditional support to the beloved senator from the very start of her colorful and illustrious political career. Going back to Vice Ganda’s heartfelt video for Senator Santiago, his extremely honest closing statements go like this. “More power to you.” “I hope that you will have the chance to include me in one of your itineraries, despite of your busy schedule”. This is to be a guest of mine in “Gandang Gabi Vice”. “I love you senator”. “God bless you”.

Will the doors of heaven ever hear this memorable birthday wish of Vice Ganda? Only Him knows the answer. But faith can move mountains, right? Surely, Vice Ganda will get his most unforgettable gift on March 31. Let us all watch on that special day, as it unfolds on “Gandang Gabi Vice”.

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