Showtime host and comedian Vice Ganda, says that his relationship with a famous figure in Philippine sports is finally over after almost five years of a tumultuous relationship with rumored boyfriend Terrence Romero. But as expected, the notable basketball cager has vehemently denied his romantic involvement with the stand up comedian. On the other hand, Vice Ganda bravely granted an exclusive interview with the The Buzz, a local showbiz talk show. In that interview, Vice refused to divulge the true identity of his mystery boyfriend.

Going back, Terrence Romero said that a fictitious Facebook account is also creating a big mess on his life right now. But just the same, he is very much thankful to the real owner of the said account because at least somebody dared to speak about the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the said romantic liaison. As far as the intriguing post is concerned it says,

I am sincerely saying this to everyone, I did not have any relationship with Vice.

Vice Ganda says its over between him and TR.

Vice Ganda says its over between him and TR.

Consequently, Terrence has openly admitted that it has devastatingly affected his clean image so much. Speaking of his father, the elder Romero has told the press time and again that he had taught her son of good moral values from the very start. Also, Vice Ganda has not given Terrence some expensive gifts as what had been stated previously. He further added that his son will never ever do that.

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