Famous action star Victor Neri fairly admits that he is now choosy about those movie projects that are being assigned to him these days because acting is his passion no more no less. However, this doesn’t mean to say that he is no longer active in the local entertainment scene these days. In fact, he is doing a film right now which is entitled, The Separator. Aside from his latest movie, he is into a primetime series on ABS-CBN. Previously, Neri became an official contract star of GMA-7 for seven years. Victor Neri has started his career in 2000. From the glares and glamours of local showbiz, he tried to accomplish other things such as doing business as a chef.

Action star Victor Neri is now choosing his projects well,

Action star Victor Neri is now choosing his projects well,

As for the reasons why he is now doing some critical analysis of his future movies, he candidly said that he has already done almost anything under the sun. He further added that it would just be a waste of time if he will accept those things though they have no relevance at all. In the coming days, Victor Neri will be hired in a new resto. Therefore, he has to balance everything accordingly. In the future, he is set to do several indie films and a lot more.In this respect, Action star Victor Neri is now choosing his projects well. Currently, he is a man of and courage and with a mission to fulfill no matter what happens. Indeed, there is no stopping Victor Neri from achieving his long term goals in life.

For him, life has something to do with those things that are significant and worth doing. Truly, He has already gone beyond the limits of a real actor. The complex world of Philippine Cinema is lucky to have someone like this fellow who never stops dreaming until it becomes a sweetest reality.

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