The newest scientific studies have amazingly revealed a welcome development for those people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Based on these astounding research findings Vitamin E might be able to decelerate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease which belongs under the classification of mild to moderate. Initially, these brilliant and persevering team of scientists and doctors have administered some high doses of Vitamin E to 600 veterans. As a result, it has tremendously decreased the delay of the subjects’ reaction time to the successful accomplishment of the following everyday tasks: Preparation of meals, conversing with people and dressing them-selves for a period of six months to two years.

A daily dose of Vitamin E, can help these people to slow down the progression of their Alzheimer's disease.

A daily dose of Vitamin E, can help these people to slow down the progression of their Alzheimer’s disease.

This major scientific breakthrough was tantamount to the loss of one essential skill, after being afflicted with this type of neurological disorder. On the other hand, the potent vitamin supplement did not effectively preserve the veterans’ cognitive abilities. In the same manner, this collagen-enhancing vitamin was found out to be as not so effective in those patients who are taking their daily medications for Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, the positive effects of this powerful vitamin supplement had its remarkable outcomes for those persons who only depended on the efficacy of this controversial vitamin. Among its surprising effects are the following: First, they have significantly lessened their dependence on caregivers, unlike before.

Accordingly, Dr. Maurice Dysken of the Minneapolis VA Health Care System has this to say about this marvelous advancement of science in the field of sophisticated healthcare.

It’s not a miracle or, obviously, a cure.

Hence, he said.

The best we can do at this point is slow down the rate of progression.

This scientific study was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. After which, it was proudly published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Despite having diverse perspectives on this very sensational issue about Alzheimer’s disease, these researchers have remained clueless as to how the E- Vitamin can undoubtedly decrease the progression of this lethal brain- related illness. Perhaps, it might be due to its anti-oxidant component which has the awesome capability of protecting the human cells from further damage; which could eventually result to the sudden onset of other illnesses in the long run.

In the final analysis, it is much safer to say at this point that the prescription of Vitamin E to patients with Alzheimer’s disease must be first subjected to a more intensive clinical study rather than to make the lives of these helpless individuals to be on the verge of a do or die situation in the years ahead.

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