The fate and destiny of a person is unpredictable, right? But there were odd studies which say that if you want to get rich there’s a need for you to check on your genes. Commonly, there are some people who might even wonder why some individuals are wealthy and the others are exactly the opposite. Theoretically, many experts have believed that this has something to do with one’s genetic make up.

Rich people : What are their amazing secrets?

Rich people : What are their amazing secrets?

This amazing theory was revealed by a well- known newspaper which is nonetheless the Herald Sun. Meanwhile, one of the top policies of the Australian government was made into a research report which is entitled, Persistent Disadvantage in Australia, was quoted as saying that

Rich kids do better at school while poor children struggle due to genetic ‘inherited abilities.

But as years passed, the disadvantages members of the society in general have contested the idea by saying that they do not want to be born like that. Hence, to resolve the issue there was another study which was conducted by Kraus and Keltner from the University in California which had concluded that our major differences in social standings are brought into play by inherent factors rather than the social context. On the other hand, the role of other factors such as education and all other known components are less or partially determined by genetics alone. In addition, notable personalities about wealth and money like James Gottfurcht has said that there are some relevant personality traits as to why people are rich and some are not in its strictest sense. According to him, those people who had accumulated a total net worth of more than $5 million are businessmen. To further explain, certain personality traits have made these possible. Among these are: High levels of energy and extended work hours. Thus, their quality of sleep are very much compromised. Best of all, they are working hard even on holidays. Moreover, their far and beyond visions as well as their high self-esteem are largely contributory to what they are now. In other developments, one’s genes might make or break your ambition to get rich if you are a kind of person who is ascribed to be as force of nature people. Kristen Armstrong, a famous wealth coach has this to say.

Force of nature people, who have a really great ability to envision possible futures … [and] an amazing ability to focus their efforts and energy once they see a possibility


On the contrary, these rich and famous people are very susceptible to high end risks. This means to say, that they believe that business risks are parts of their profits which are truly inevitable. Best of all, these rich members of a global society does not want to choose their way of life right after their innumerable successes come along their way. Perhaps, the most intriguing to end this article is this. Why do some people who have nothing to eat and drink suddenly become rich? Have they checked out their genes?


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