In honor of David Letterman’s impending retirement, Tina Fey strips and vowed to never wear a fancy dress on a talk show again. So, the actress proved it by stripping down to her body-shaping underwear on national television.

Tinay Fey David Letterman Show

Tina Fey vowed to never wear a fancy dress on a talk show again, so she stripped on The David Letterman Show.

The ’30 Rock’ star explained to Letterman that she would be conforming to gender expectations for one night only in order to honor Letterman’s departure by wearing a “fancy” dress. The 44-year-old actress stood up and asked Letterman to unzip the dress for her before wriggling out of it and revealing Spanx accompanied by a black leotard with “Bye Dave” printed across the front and had “#lastdressever” written across the back, which the actress displayed briefly before declaring, “Never Again”!

What? Am I gonna put a dress on for Jimmy? That’s creepy. He’s like my brother“, said Fey, “I’m gonna wear like special underwear for James Corden? That’s not gonna happen“.

Enjoy the craziness, watch The David Letterman Show Tina Fey Strips as she bid a memorable farewell to David Letterman.

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