Foodies are not only delicious and nutritious. They are also one of the most exceptional integrals of research development, that are continuously subjected to further studies for the benefit of human survival in the years ahead. In today’s modern science, there is one sumptuous treat that the author of this article wants to intricately discover without any biases or whatsoever. Interestingly, the world of cyberspace has given this website the propulsion to know more about a food variety that is called as melatonin brownies. These brownies are mainly composed of a substance that is scientifically termed as melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical compound that is emitted by the brain to make us dose off to a peaceful night. Based on research studies of the National Sleep Foundation, it was found out that almost 76 percent of the American populace have sleeping difficulties. Consequently, there are lots of prescriptive medications that are being prescribed annually. To date, these have already reached as much as 42 million.

Some of the classic samples of these melatonin brownies are as follows: Lazy Cake, Kush Cake and the ever-irresistible Lulla Pies. But, are they safe to eat? Since they contain melatonin which is being produced by the pineal gland, it presumed as safe because in the case of Lazy Cake, it contains twice as much as the recommended dose of melatonin per serving. On the other hand, some of the other varieties of these mini brownies generously contain calming herbs and other ingredients which greatly aid insomniacs in their sleeping problems.

This brownie is not only delicious. It will also dose you off to sleep,

This brownie is not only delicious. It will also dose you off to sleep,

Despite of their unprecedented popularity, the Federal Drug Administration has strictly implemented a total recall of the product. In fact, a letter has been sent to the manufacturer of Lazy Cake to avoid the negative and long-term effects of this recipe that has helped millions in achieving a quality and good night sleep.

In closing, these melatonin brownies should be replaced with a different kind of ingredient. Thus, this component should also contain the same kind of effects for the sake of those people who really want to enjoy the rest of the night without any worry at all.

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