What Does Your Posture Mean?

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Science is an interesting subject matter that never fails to amuse us with its new discoveries in relation to our unique personality. During my collegiate years, a part of our tedious psychological training was the critical analysis of our own handwriting without any taint of subjectivity. This is scientifically termed as graphology. Along this line, scientific experts have newly- discovered one of the best ways to analyze the very depths of our unconscious beings. This is aptly referred to as posture analysis.To be specific enough, the way we sit or stand offer some of the most revealing clues that even your-self do not know.

Posture psychology is the scientific study of one's posture to reveal a person's unconscious feelings and desires.

Posture psychology is the scientific study of one’s posture to reveal a person’s unconscious feelings and desires.

What Does Your Posture Tell About You?

Below, are some of the tell-tale signs about you in connection with your posture. Read on and be amazed as to who you are inside and out. Read on.

  • Slouching– A person who often slouches at his or her keyboard, tends to suffer from tight hamstrings. This mysterious health-related conclusion was divulged by Erika Bloom, founder of Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, NYC.
  • Heavy-looking hips– If you often do this without an apparent reason, Dr. Bloom further explains that you might have weak feet.
  • A lower belly that protrudes.- Look at this. Just in case that you have gotten over your ice cream cravings for quite some time and still have a belly that moves in a forward motion it only means to say that you have a weak body frame. To resolve, it is highly recommended that you must constantly pull your stomach in your shirt.

A good posture denotes a healthy body constitution. Therefore, the above mentioned surprising scientific significance might not necessarily follow because there are some body positions that make a person more comfortable even without saying a word.


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