The universal dictum of human nature is to achieve its ultimate core of satisfaction, no matter how complex and incomprehensible life’s debacles are. In this respect, a stress syndrome can never be avoided by anyone most specially if they are somehow geared toward perfection and success all at the same time. Scientifically, stress is defined as a psychological feeling that characteristically connotes some kind of pressure in our everyday lives. Despite of its presence, most people tend to deal with it so differently. As a result, the untainted masks of human personalities have been proven to be dynamic, versatile and unique. Generally, the sudden onset of a stress syndrome is not only confined to adults but also among teenagers.

Stress syndrome among teens can gravely affect his self-esteem.

Stress syndrome among teens can gravely affect his self-esteem.

In this very informative health article, our beloved readers across the globe will be able to gain some significant insights about this very intriguing psychological dilemma among teenagers. Commonly, they are experiencing the so-called syndrome of stress when they are dealing with their thwarted goals in life, academic expectations and failures and all other everyday happenings which have not bent towards the attainment of their personal endeavors.

Other Triggering Factors of Teen’s Stress Syndrome

For a much better understanding of this subject matter, below are the other triggering factors that can cause stress among teens. These are:

  • Bullying/exposure to injury or violence
  • Conflicts within their own families
  • Learning difficulties
  • Crammed schedules

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress Overload

According to medical studies, there is already a case of stress overload if these evident signs and symptoms among teens are being manifested. These can be any of the following:

  • Panic attacks
  • The teen feels that she/he is being pressured, hurried and intimidated.
  • The sudden manifestation of psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches, chest and stomach discomforts.
  • The onset of a sleeping disorder.
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Drug use or dependence

Coping Techniques of Teen’s Stress Syndrome

Having known and determined the varying causes as well as the signs and symptoms of the so-called stress problems in teenagers, what are the best and yet effective coping mechanisms for this kind of psychological baggage? Well, here are some of the time-tested measures in resolving stress syndromes of teenagers.

  • The immediate adoption of stress coping strategies such as the task-oriented type of coping, which involves an individual’s problem solving and restructuring skills. This means to say, that a particular person possesses the ability to go after the stressors or those actual situations; thereby, making these teens even more flexible to further adjustments in the long run.
  • Have enough sleep.- When we say adequate amount of sleep, it simply means an approximate duration of about 9 hours of sleep or more
  • Teach your child to develop the attitude of focusing on his or her skills.- Ask your teen to make a concrete list of the things or areas wherein he or she, are good at. After which, allow your child to freely use these skills in a more productive way.
  • Join any recreational activity in your community.-Medical experts have found out that the most astonishing way to deal with stress syndrome in teens, is to join any kind of recreational activity which would establish camaraderie among new acquaintances. Some examples of these productive undertakings are biking, skateboarding and yoga
  • Make your teen realize the paramount importance of being happy.- This will include the discovery of new hobbies that would eventually unleash his or her creative side
  • Have somebody to talk to.- Logically, stress management of teenagers can be a lot easier if they have somebody who can understand their feelings and sentiments, without prejudice. Those people can be their teachers, friends or any adult whom they trust a lot. In so doing, they can easily deal with stress as they will learn new and practical techniques without getting overboard

Teenagers are always prone to life’s unwanted stresses, because of their inability to cope up with the environment where they actually belong. But, this stress syndrome among teens will soon become a thing of the past if their respective families will always provide them with a healthy and harmonious environment within their homes. After all, it is the most essential factor in helping an adolescent to be the best of what he/she is as the years come and go.

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