Back in 2010, Gerphil Flores joined the “Pilipinas Got Talent” and failed to make it to the show’s finale, yet she left the stage with strong words of hope despite of losing. And now same situation happened last May 14, Flores come up short of being the grand winner of “Asia’s Got Talent” ending up in third place. So what’s next for Gerphil Flores?

Well, her career is far from over after that memorable performance in the finals. David Foster, the Canadian composer and music producer promised Flores a global fame. He said, “I promise you, I promise you, the world is going to know about you. That’s a promise“. The music producer also mentored and helped launch the international career of Filipino singing sensation Charice Pempengco.

Gerphil Flores

David Foster comforts Gerphil Flores on stage during the grand finals of “Asia’s Got Talent”.

During the “Asia’s Got Talent” grand finale, when the hosts Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez announced the top two, an emotional Gerphil Flores was seen surrounded by members of El Gamma Penumbra to comfort her. She finished third behind second-placed Khusugtun, a traditional music ensemble from Mongolia, and winner El Gamma Penumbra, a shadow play group also from the Philippines.

When asked for his message to Flores, Foster said, “May I say it in private?” From his seat in the judges’ area,Foster went up on stage to speak with Flores, whom he had promised global fame after her final performance of “The Impossible Dream” last week.

Although the conversation could not be heard, host Rovilson Fernandez clued in the audience on what David Foster told Flores saying, “We’re going to hear more from you in the future“.

Meanwhile, David Foster added, “She was my golden buzzer. She is still my golden buzzer“.

Before Gerphil Flores joined Pilipinas Got Talent and Asia’s Got Talent, she worked with Nonon Baang in a defunct radio show, “Serenata Filipina,” which was renamed “Concierto” before going off the air after five years. It was a radio program, which was then hosted by the late radio legend Tiya Daily over dzRH.

Good luck to Gerphil Flores for her hopes to re-introduce the classical music to younger Filipinos.

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