The usual but ironic belief that if people do not see a famous figure, he or she would be negatively presumed as dead. In today’s trending news, Judd Nelson seems to have captivated the attention of millions when he was was allegedly presumed as DEAD. As a result, many can’t help but ask. Where is Judd Nelson? Here’s the full story.

Where is Breakfast Club sensation Judd Nelson?

Where is Breakfast Club sensation Judd Nelson?

According to those who are close to him, Nelson is very much alive and they are very much certain about it. Likewise, the Breakfast Club star has been subjected to a photo opportunity session by his most trusted aid, Gregg Klein. He personally dropped by at his humble residence to eventually tell the whole world that those rumors were untrue and malicious. Meanwhile, his longtime manager does not have an inkling as to how these nasty talks had all started. However, there was a dubious URL from a mysterious website which claimed to be as Fox News It had reported that one of the members of Brat Pack was found lifeless.

On the contrary, Henraux further added that Judd is in the pink of health. In fact, he even shoot an episode for an upcoming serialized show on television entitled, Empire. In retrospect, younger generations of today might not be familiar with Nelson. Therefore, here are some interesting trivia about this long lost guy of Hollywood. Well, he is an American actor, screenwriter and a producer. One of his best roles during his prime, was the intriguing character of John Bender of Breakfast Club. He was born on the 28th day of November 1959, in Portland Maine. He studied at St. Paul’s School in Concord New Hampshire. Also, he went to Waynflete School, which is located from where he was born. Several years after, acting knocked inside his heart. Consequently, he had began to hone this amazing craft of his during the circa of mid-1980’s.

Nelson’s first ever project was Making The Grade in 1984. Subsequently, it was immediately followed by Fandango in 1985. A year after, he was offered to be the voice over of Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime. From there, everything seemed to be a bed of roses for Judd. But life has played the most bitter joke on him. His alleged death is such a negative publicity that can make or break his most cherished career in front and behind the camera. Where in the world is Judd Nelson? None of us have known as to why he is not visible these days. Nevertheless, it would be highly appreciated if he would personally release an official statement with respect to his whereabouts. Along this line, confirmation is a primary requisite for every celebrity to inform each and everyone whenever they will go to a permanent or temporary hiatus. Agree or disagree?

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