White and Gold Dress or Black and Blue Dress? The colors of a dress cause a social media debate with some seeing it as white and gold, while others as black and blue. It’s funny. So I ask my 6-year-old daughter, what color is the dress in the middle? And she said, blue, and I’m actually seeing white and gold.

Black and Blue Dress

The original dress is in the middle. What do you see? White and Gold dress or Black and Blue Dress?

Some people think that the two women behind viral dress that has everyone confused are jokers, who circulate two different versions of the dress, or edited the original photo of the dress to cause all of this. At first, I really don’t get it. If the actual dress is white and gold, then how are people, including my daughter seeing it as black and blue?

Science explains that this debate is about more than just social media, it’s about the way human eyes and how your brain interprets what it is seeing. This is called the color constancy effect, which means that while color should be easily identifiable whether you’re in bright or dull lighting, things can change if the lighting is colored.

So it’s okay, whether it’s White and Gold Dress or Black and Blue Dress you see. Because according to the owner, it was blue and black.

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