Filipina singer and health buff Vina Morales has greatly received her most timeless gift from God. Well, it is not any material wealth. It is more than than whatever she had asked for, her daughter Ceana. But, it does not matter to her at all. Vina is very positive about the way things are going on with her life now. In fact, she is about to portray the role of former first lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos in an upcoming musical play. Speaking about the most serious side of her, Vina says that she has totally forgiven those people who have hurt her. On the other hand, she had seriously surmised that her life could have been better if she had made the right decisions in her fruitful but challenging lifetime. This specially true with her past relationship with a high profile person who is equally controversial these days.

Vina Morales' greatest treasure is her daughter, Ceana.

Vina Morales’ greatest treasure is her daughter, Ceana.

As far as action star and TV host Robin Padilla is concerned, Vina Morales never held any grudge or anything that is negative towards the adorable the once dubbed Bad Boy of Philippine Movies. Also Vina has tried to evade any question about Cedric Lee the father of her beautiful and talented lovechild. She says, that they have been separated for years. Likewise, she further explained that she has nothing to do with those sensitive issues that Lee is involved into right now. What matters to Vina right now, is the welfare of her child. After all, they have been separated for several years now. On heart matters, Vina says that she is dating but there is no serious involvement yet. However, Morales says that her most ideal partner in the near future is

I want someone who is responsible to take care of me and my daughter, to take care of our family in the future. Who’s really responsible. Of course, he must be physically attractive for me.

In closing, Vina Morales wants to get married in the coming years as well as having another child that will truly make her life complete.

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