Life is a complex labyrinth of happiness, trials, pains and miseries. These inevitable circumstances make us fret everyday. As a result, most of us do not have the most intangible blessing for our intellect. This is no other than but a lasting peace of mind. Psychologically, this is the scientific and rational definition of having no anxieties or worries about anything that can make our lives and body systems to be in a total disarray. But, why do people do not have some peace of mind? Briefly, let us intricately discover the practical and easy answers to this question. First and foremost, it is so difficult to have it because we primarily rely on our own understanding and not of God’s.

Lack of peace of mind, severely affects our work efficiency.

Lack of peace of mind, severely affects our work efficiency.

Based on verified and documented scientific studies, we do not have such a nice behavioral facet because we are always thinking about that we cannot surmount all the trials that we have because we tend to be spiritually and psychologically incapable because of these varying external factors: Peer pressure, poor or low self-esteem, decision making dilemmas and the likes. Given all these parameters, have we ever asked our-selves why should we be like this in the long run; and what would be its adverse side effects? If at all, we will not rectify this unhealthy and pre-conditioned attitude, its end result would somehow be like this.

Primarily, you will end up to be a kind of person who does not believe that Faith can move mountains. If this happens, your main conduit with God will terribly weaken. Also, if we are going to be the restless type for the rest of our lives we can never achieve our ultimate goal of being self-actualized.

We should always have in mind, that we do not have that peace within us because we do not believe in our-selves that we can do things a lot easier because of the following reasons. We are rational creations of God. Therefore, we have the exceptional ability to think better than those other masterpieces of God. Next, we do not have the positive belief that our families and friends can help us with anything that bothers us. Last but not the least, there are some people who do not do anything with regards to their present predicament.

Generally, the holistic attainment of the-so-called peace of mind is a two-way process. Meaning, we must have the positive conviction to have it no matter what happens. After all, God is always there for us.

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