Woman of Courage Stabbed a Python Saved Pet

| May 12, 2014 | 1 Comment

Blood is thicker than a python. This might be the conclusion of a courageous pet owner at the back of her mind, when she deliberately stabbed a python while she and her pet dog were walking along a famous country park in Hong Kong. The gallant woman who bravely saved her dog from being the merciless prey of a hungry python which measures about 16 foot, is no other than but Courtney Link.

This was the python which was stabbed by a woman, when it attacked her pet dog,

This was the python which was stabbed by a woman, when it attacked her pet dog,

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Post, she said that the deadly Burmese python had already coiled around Dexter. According to her,

When I suddenly saw the snake’s head, I just started stabbing furiously.

In this respect, what prompted her to use a pocket knife during that dangerous encounter? Well, Courtney Link only made use of her last resort which was nonetheless a pocket knife when the deadly snake had failed to release the helpless dog; after hitting this defensive python with her fists.

After she had successfully stabbed the python, it suddenly loosened its grip on the feeble and physically incapacitated pet of hers. As far as her Dexter was concerned, it had wounds on his chest and legs.

Just in case that you are not aware of this scientific fact, Burmese pythons are the biggest snakes in the world which can grow about more than six meters long. To date, they are Hong Kong’s biggest natural predators.

It is indeed heartwarming to know that a dog’s master had stabbed a python for the sake of their long and lasting love for one another. What about you how far can you go for your adorable domesticated animals?


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  1. Courtney Link says:

    I am Courtney and I absolutely loved your very sweet and sensitively written article. It’s one of my favourite articles about what happened to Dexter so far. Thank you!

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