World Bank has recently announced its immediate fund allocation for the Ebola virus epidemic. The said million dollar reserve is approximately amounting to $200-M, that was specially intended for those helpless victims in West Africa and its allied countries respectively. In the soonest time possible, the said allocation will be equally distributed to the following governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone among others. Also, a certain percentage of this much needed financial assistance will go to the World Health Organization.

World Bank sets an emergency fund of $200 million to help those Ebola stricken countries.

World Bank sets an emergency fund of $200 million to help those Ebola stricken countries.

As of press time, the number of casualties that were accurately recorded has already reached a total of 887. As a result, the world’s most brilliant leaders had an emergency meeting in Washington. According to the incumbent president of World Bank in the person of Jim Yong Kim, he has bitterly said that he was deeply affected and saddened by the said devastating global outbreak of Ebola virus. Likewise, he added that the once strong health systems of the three major countries which were surprisingly hit by the lethal virus have significantly in general. In his direct statement,he said.

I am very worried that many more lives are at risk unless we can stop this Ebola epidemic in its tracks.

British Broadcasting Corporation’s Paul Blake in Washington has said that the money which was released by World Bankwill be wisely utilized to pay for the services of dedicated health workers. More so, the said financial aid will in the same manner cover up for the other economic expenditures of Ebola stricken nations. In other developments, these funds are now awaiting for WB’s immediate approval which is expected to be known anytime this week.

It is nice to know that the World Bank has immediately responded to this extremely alarming situation involving the Ebola virus. Soon after, the silver lining of hope will radiantly appear to those helpless victims to make their lives as they were before.

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