Every major milestone is worth recognizable. The World Bank has lauded the Philippines for its unprecedented economic development. As such, it was dubbed by WB as an Asian Miracle. Hence, the country was also cited as a global model in fighting corruption. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank’s incumbent president has further divulged that this remarkable economic metamorphosis should be undoubtedly credited to President Benigno III no more, no less.

World Bank lauds President Aquino III for turning the Philippine economy 360 degrees.

World Bank lauds President Aquino III for turning the Philippine economy 360 degrees.

The top honcho of World Bank has also congratulated the Chief Executive for his unwavering fight against graft and corruption. Moreover, for his efforts in making the affairs of the government as transparent as possible and his very own version of inclusive growth. Jim Yong Kim has visited the Philippines for a two-day economic forum at the presidential palace. Based on his direct statements, Yong Kim has this to say for the incumbent President of the Philippines.

Under your leadership, President Aquino, the Philippines is absolutely at the forefront of this transformation.

The magnificent economic performance of the Philippines courtesy of President Aquino’s strategic and analytic way of thinking has vigorously strengthened the macro fundamentals of the Philippine economy, as well as the country’s prudent economic policies among others. Likewise, he cited the emergence and development of a young labor force which had fruitfully begun during the first few years of his term as president. Despite of this much deserved praises by the World Bank, the staunch critics of President Aquino have never stopped in finding major loopholes in his viable economic policies.

Some of these were the following: They say that the Chief Executive is strongly pushing for a second term through the irreversible provisions of a new Philippine Constitution just in case Charter Change will be laid down. Second, the members of the opposition as well as the silent majority have commented that both the problems of inflation and unemployment continue to surge notwithstanding the fact that he barely had two years left to finally fix everything to be able to leave a lasting legacy for his native Motherland.

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