Leisure and travels with your whole family, will be more engaging if you are to include any of these world’s most outrageous theme parks of which we could have only seen in our wildest dreams. Prior to these astonishing discoveries, let this interesting article clearly define the enthralling significance of these amusements insofar as the ever growing tourism industry is concerned. To date, these multi-million dollar parks are the magnificent iconic envisages of every country in general. These are basically due to the following tourism considerations.

Korea's famous Everland Theme Park.

Korea’s famous Everland Theme Park.

Amusement parks enthuse a kind of wholesome entertainment which are filled with so much adrenaline from beginning till you drop. These are one of the fastest growing industries in the world since time immemorial. To date, those marvelous theme parks in the United States and from other countries have unbelievably earned a whooping sales revenue of $19 billion in 2001 alone. On a global scope, the most frequently visited park in the world is no other than but Tokyo Disneyland. Imagine this. It was able to reach a sky high of an approximate 17 million attendees in the early years of 2000. As a senior editor of Amusement Business Weekly had once said.

Disney toned down the American arrogance, and now it’s just fun.

World Famous Theme Parks

The subsequent paragraphs will enchantingly divulge these splendid theme parks, which have fabulously changed the social mainstream of quality entertainment across the globe. Are you ready for an unforgettable joyride?

  1. Busech Gardens– This is an amusement park which has a very solid and domineering African theme. It features the Serengeti Plain wildlife area, which showcases those different types of animals such as elephants, zebras and antelopes to name a few. This is dubbed as Florida’s largest park of which this country has ever built. Amazingly, it had almost 2,700 different kinds of animals. In the same manner, its Williamsburg Park is widely recognized for its gyrating roller coasters which will make your world to turn upside down. Like for instance, the Apollo’s Chariot ride has nine shocking drops. Believe it or not, its first plunge is at 210 feet
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  3. Cedar Point– This marvelous theme park calls the attention of those people who are certified as roller coaster addicts. The Cedar Point has 15 ravishing roller coasters and 68 other rides as compared to its other archrivals. One of its most unforgettable highlights is the Wicked Twister. To describe, this awesome ride runs at 50 mph and has a 90-degree twisting tower to make it more gyrating to its millions of riders worldwide
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  5. Discovery Cove– This is the only theme park in the world, where there are no limited admissions in order to welcome thousands of visitors everyday. Although there no limits in their entrance policies, you have to come here early because only a thousand people are only allowed in this eye-popping amusement park. After which, there would be another batch of the same number. Among its best highlights are: Your one-on-one encounter with their friendly animals and the once in a lifetime opportunity where everyone is permitted to plunge into a river and then they will all be miraculously transported into a beautiful aviary. This is really something to look forward too
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Indeed, these mind boggling and splendid theme parks will gladly bring back all our timeless childhood memories with a smile.

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