A Worldwide Exploration of Dreams and Successes

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A million miles away from home. This is how you can bitterly describe the inner emotions of Overseas Filipino Workers from the Philippines. A worldwide exploration entails so much sacrifice in order to provide the best future for their kids and loved ones back home. However, is there any one of us who have ever thought how these unsung heroes have endured their worldwide exploration for years? Let this article inspire you on how an OFW Pinoy single mom was able to surmount the heartbreaking challenges of being separated from her precious daughter, until God finally allowed her to be reunited with her only child in Canada. Therefore, their worldwide explorations have gladly ended with so much joy and fulfillment. How did this happen? Read her full story.

Making Dreams Happen

Making Dreams Happen

Roz got pregnant while she was still in her collegiate years. To make her burden lighter, she immediately told her best friend about her situation. As expected, her best buddy never left her in the rain alone. Instead, she provided her with an all out moral support that she badly needed to keep her from falling apart. Although she was dealing with so much pain in her heart, her friend continued to shower her with spiritual tenacity and nourishment, until the very day that she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Elaine. Another battle of worldwide exploration had begun.

Her financial problems continued when Elaine had begun to study in a private school. To be the best single parent in the whole world, she tried to apply as personnel in one of the biggest gambling firms in the Philippines. Luckily, she got the job as a casino dealer. Her starting salary then was only Php 6,000. No matter how meager her salary was, she had made her life into something that was fruitful and inspiring for the sake of her daughter. Night shifts were the most gruesome parts of her job. Consequently, she did not have the chance to bond with her girl. When she came home, her loving daughter was already in school. According to her, that was one of the extremely unforgettable moments in her life. She was not able to establish a communication line with her child, because of her hectic work schedule.

However, she was really a good provider. All of her daughter’s expenses were shouldered by her. This was Roz shining moment At last; she was able to prove to herself that the life of a single mom must not end in solitaire and worthlessness. It must be oozing with love optimism and faith in the Lord. God was indeed good to His faithful ones. Elaine was a consistent honor student during her elementary days. Inspired by these academic achievements, she had decided to take up a crash course in care giving. Juggling between her job and finishing the said curriculum, it tore her body and soul in exasperation. But there was no other option left. She had to pursue her dream of going to Canada though it will really pay a high price.In other words, this would be the beginning of an uncertain worldwide exploration.

To make her worldwide exploration dream come true she began to creatively visualize each one of them on her mind. A good education for Elaine, a house of their own and a huge sum of money to safely secure the future of her child were among her top priorities that motivated Roz to give her best shot to be able to conquer Canada in the coming years. Surprisingly, the Lord opened a window of blessings and opportunities for her. Through the fervent prayers of her best friend, she successfully passed the Canadian Embassy interview. She was almost in tears when she received a letter which confirmed her fortuitous success of a worldwide exploration very sooon.

Canada: A Worldwide Exploration of Dreams

On February 2, 2006, Eoz departed for Calgary, Canada to start a new life even without her priceless gem. In tears, she left her daughter in the loving care of her parents. While in Canada, she worked as a live out caregiver. During her first few months, she was literally a total stranger in a foreign land. She temporarily sought shelter in the house of her relative. Unfortunately, it was not an ideal place to stay. She was not warmly welcomed. So, she looked for a cheap apartment to rent. There, she filled her quarters with a whole bunch of pictures of her daughter and family. To augment her income, she ate adobo day and night. As far as her hard earned money was concerned, all of those were sent back home. Sometimes, she felt that it was the end of the world for her. Canada for her is a promise land; but the culture shock that she had gone through, was immeasurably devastating. Roz was treated so differently by her peers. What kind of a worldwide exploration was that?

Given this situation, the fighting spirit of this Filipina OFW had been transformed into a raging warrior of success. Her volition spoke of the future and dreams that must not be lost in oblivion. Roz' goal driven attitude towards her personal ambitions was her inspiration in every step of the way. After three years, she labored so hard in finding the easiest ways on how to bring her daughter to where she is now. She really did everything in her power to file the petition papers as soon as possible. While working it out, the sweet promptings of love knocked at her door. This guy named K brought a new lease of hope to her gloomy atmosphere. He taught her how to fight for her rights in Canada, whenever the need arises. Best of all, this wonderful man had accepted her past without questions. Happily, they lived in one roof like a perfect couple.

The Tear jerking Reunion

In life, there are many surprises wrapped in a box of unwavering faith and perseverance. This was proven by this admirable Filipina OFW during her bittersweet rendezvous in Canada. After so many years of pain and agony, the long wait was finally over. In 2008, she flew back to this foreign country with her fiancé and child to build their fairytale of dreams; thus, making them into a r world exploration of realities that no one can ever impede.

This heartwarming true-to-life chronicle of a struggling worldwide exploration only wants to impart one thing. Success is relative, though it is designed by destiny. In this case, a Filipino overseas worker must not be perceived as an economic boosting figure. He or she must be bestowed with the highest honor and social prestige by our own government. Meanwhile, For those children whose parents are on the other side of the globe, show how much you love them; though their oceans apart from you.After all, their sweat and blood is YOUR KEY TO THE SUMMIT OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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