Have you been born with a silver born? Then, If money does not matter to you that much you can soon choose to spend your life going around the world to travel and explore a huge Floating City. This will soon come true if the vision of a Florida-based company becomes a fruitful reality. This will be called as the Freedom Ship. This Freedom Ship which amounts to $10 billion would offer an estimated 40,000 residents with a permanent ocean and its even complete with hospitals, schools, shops, parks and even a small airport.

This is the excellently crafted prototype of the world's first Floating City.

This is the excellently crafted prototype of the world’s first Floating City.

Architecturally, it is at 25 storeys high and a mile long and said to be four times longer than Queen Mary II. It weighs about 2.7 million-ton vessel. As such, it is so large and will never enter a port.  The Floating City will circumnavigate the world every two years and making some major stopover in major cities to allow its dwellers to extremely enjoy some of the world’s top destinations to remove their seasickness. The Freedom Ship would leave East Coast of the US in June and will cross the Atlantic to visit Europe. It is therefore imagined to spend at least 70 percent of its time in anchorage and 30 percent transiting between countries – This very enthralling and gratifying navigation is just in right for summer time.  It will also navigate the north coast of Scotland to Scandinavia and back to the English Channel before going to the Straits of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean. The residents of Floating City this coming Christmas will be at the north coast of Africa and the Cape of South Africa in January. It would then go to Australia just in time for the months of summer before traveling across Asia and crossing the Pacific to the US west coast in September.

Meanwhile, the final leg of its journey on its second trip the ocean-based community will be transported around America and will head to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego before returning to United States starting point at Latin Capitals such as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Then its route will begin all over again. If residents would like to see a dry land, they can fly from the Freedom Ship any time because it has an airport atop of its deck. The ship also offers room for 30,000 visitors daily and 10,000 overnight guests with its 20,000 crew.

The director and vice-president of Freedom Ship International, Roger M Gooch gladly tell everyone that after its break due to an economic crisis, the sea city looks forward that the project will be resurrected once again. The so-called Floating City via a Freedom Ship will be the largest vessel ever built and the world’s first floating city. The city project is quite expensive although the global economy is not so inviting at this point in time. They have been getting more interest in the project and they are hopeful that they can raise $1 billion to begin its fluvial construction.

You might be wondering as to who proposed this 25-storey high project? it was no other than but Norman Nixon way back in 1999. Prior to the fulfillment of his most elusive dream, he was accused of attempting to create a tax shelter for the rich. However, he clearly explained that he is not going to create an independent country nor building a tax haven.

His reason for building the Freedom Ship is just to have fun and make some money and see the world. As for its plush features, there are condominiums aboard the ship will be sold when the initial funding for the construction has been opened. A bedroom unit will be sold starting at $150,000 with several luxury units price that ranges between $7 million to $10 million. This land-based community will rise in a water platform and can be used for vacation, businesses, academic and everything that a land based vacation has to offer.

The next question would be if you are rich and money does not matter to you a lot, will you buy a unit to live in this Floating City?

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