Life’s ironic challenges that will soon become roses of triumphs, is the main plot of the No.1 primetime soap opera in the Philippines’ “Maalaala Mo Kaya” This Saturday’s episode of MMK will feature the inspiring true-to-life story of Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner, Rosa “Osang” Fostanes. The lead role that will give justice to the impressive life and times of the courageous and humble Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner, will be flawlessly portrayed by Vivieka Ravanes, who is also a mainstay of a daily morning family-oriented show “Be Careful with my Heart” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Vivieka Ravanes portrays the role of Rosa "Osang" Fontanes, this Saturday on MMK.

Vivieka Ravanes portrays the role of Rosa “Osang” Fontanes, this Saturday on MMK.

Prior to her unexpected victory in Israel’s own version of “X-Factor”, Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner was fond of joining amateur singing contests in their humble native hometown. Due to the inevitable bites of reality, Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner has painfully decided to seek for greener pastures in various parts of the globe like Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai and Israel. Among the much awaited questions that Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner have to answer are the following: “How was she able to pursue again her love for humming a tune?” Next, what is the real score behind her weight problem which made her to surrender her quest for excellence in Israel’s X-Factor competition at first? All these and more in the upcoming melancholic episode of MMK.

Meanwhile, the other roster of dramatic talents who will join Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner in her colorful journey in this thing called “Life” are: Irma Adlawan, Barbie Sabino, John Arcilla, Franco Daza and a lot more. Finally, Israel’s X-Factor Grand Winner’s life story on MMK is directed by Mae Czarina Cruz and it was masterfully written for television by Joan Habana and Arah Jell Badayos. “Maalaala Mo Kaya” will be aired on Saturday, after “Wanspanataym”, a fantasy-oriented show which is specially meant for children of all ages.

Life is really a wonderful journey which never stops from giving us hope, will and the strength to survive just like Rosa “Osang” Fostanes, who has victoriously learned about the mysteries and twisted ropes of human existence the hard way.

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