In every woman’s life, motherhood is the most exciting phase wherein all challenges and obstacles are extremely bearable, if these adversities are for the sake of your beloved child. Filipina singer Yeng Constantino has another interesting perception of being a mom in the near future. The sultry belter has sincerely revealed that when she and her husband gets married next year, they have both set their short and long term goals in their quiet and blissful lifestyle. Speaking of their short term plans, Yeng and her future hubby Victor Asuncion would like to travel two to three times a year so that they will have a once and a lifetime opportunity to enjoy each other while they still have the time and pleasure to do so.

Singer Yeng Constantino and her husband to be have short and long term goals after tying the knot.

Singer Yeng Constantino and her husband to be have short and long term goals after tying the knot.

On the other hand, their long term plans include having a child of their own and moving to a new house. Likewise, she earnestly desires to compose worship songs in the not so distant future. As for their future wedding, Constantino desires to make her own gown for that very momentous milestone. At last, Yeng’s creativity will be finally unleashed for the entire showbiz world to see most specially in the gyrating industry of music. In addition to this, their official wedding entourage will be mainly comprised of non-showbiz personalities. Simply because, her family and other inner circles are not used to the so-called kleig lights. Briefly, she had divulged their plain but meaningful wedding details.

Yeng Constantino says that their wedding will an afternoon affair, without much funfare unlike other celebrity nuptials. More so, their chosen motifs are red and fiery hue. Most importantly, they were able to attend a pre-nuptial seminar where everything had been tackled about the ins and outs of getting married. Indeed, they are more than prepared with respect to their newest and most fulfilling roles that God has magnificently designed for both Yeng and Victor in all Divinity.

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