The exemplary brain power of a child is largely attributed to the complex and powerful genetic make up of their parents, in which intellectual prowess can be inherited. However, there are some child who are really gifted awith talents beyond our understanding. Today’s cool stuff article, will center around Yohan, “The Walking Encyclopedia” of Quezon City. This genius child whom I met sometime in August 2010, can already read English sentences without any flaw or whatsoever at the age of 3. But of course, it is very much understandable that his diction is not that fluent yet. Nevertheless, this precocious child of Mr and Mrs Ludovico can easily grasp theoretical concepts such as addition, subtraction, phonetical and a lot more with so much ease. Ultimately, the most extraordinary talent of Yohan is that he can memorize anything under the sun with his impressive photographic memory, this is the main reason why Yohan is dubbed by many as a “Walking Encyclopedia”.

Kid Walking Encyclopedia

The Intelligence Quotient of a child develops during his pre-operational stage of child development.

In reality, Yohan is just a simple child who loves to eat and play just like his peers. But whenever this “child wonder” starts to talk it’s an entirely a different story to brag about. One lazy Friday afternoon while I was writing an article draft for our website, Yohan came over to our house to have just a nice and interesting chat with his grandma. To my amazement, he casually read the first two paragraphs of my article. At his age of four years old, it’s more than an achievement to be thankful for. Furthermore, this young Albert Einstein of Quezon City can astonishingly identify the different capitals of a given country without the help of any gadget or a book. When I asked him, Yohan what is the capital city of Japan?” He answered me in all sincerity and confidence, Tokyo.

Before they left, I asked him to draw the things that he wanted to have. He drew with utmost perfection a house, a red car and a moon and an astronaut. Again, when I asked Yohan with respect to the astronaut that he drew, He said, “I want to be an astronaut when I grow up”. Right then and there, I said to myself that this kid has a lot of potential. He can easily achieve being an astronaut or perhaps, Yohan might become the next President of the Philippines.


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