The youngest submarine inventor in the world has finally been revealed. He is no other than but high school teen, Justin Beckerman. Amazingly, Beckerman’s submarine was tremendously crafted out of  sturdy drainage pipes and a recycled skylight. However, despite of  the genial and outrageous utilization of these components for his widely-recognized masterpiece, the underwater vessel could incredibly swoop down as deep as 30 meters. Just recently, his state-of-the art innovation had successfully accomplished three remarkable dives in a row. During the initial phase of his magical creation, Justin had spent only six months of hard work and a persevering attitude; though he had only a meager sum of $2,000 as his commencing capital outlay.

Justin Beckerman

According to the doting mother of the youngest submarine inventor in the world of marvelous scientific breakthroughs,  he had already inclinations in building wonderful and astonishing things, at the age of two. Going back to the submarine the century, it features several ballast tanks which have primary functions of  constantly keeping up with the variably changing depths of water. It is also equipped with air vents that will decrease the oxygen from a given surface. Meanwhile, it has built in emergency systems which include back up batteries, a series of dynamic strobe lights, breathing equipment and strong pumps to prevent leaks. Among the exemplary capacities of the latest submarine inventor in history are as follows: This submarine can remain underwater for approximately two hours; and could travel beneath tumultuous waves at one and a half miles per hour.

In the near future, this youngest submarine inventor in the person of Justin Beckerman plans to explore the beauteous lakes, sea fish and a fruitful essence of world history. During his childhood days, his earliest inventions were: Creative stuffs out of strings and balloons, and would you believe? He even conceived a household gadget that can do mopping and vacuum jobs via a remote-controlled car. Truly, he is the newest Albert Einstein of our modern time.


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  1. Cheryle says:

    Can he devise a motorized wheelchair for me?

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