Vic Sotto has lots of fans in Philippine Showbiz and that includes versatile actor, Zanjoe Marudo. He openly admits that nothing changes his reverence to the Prince of Philippine Comedy. Likewise, he said that Sotto and his contemporaries perfectly got the market with no question at all. This was his true confession during their press conference for the comedy flick, Illegal Wife, with comedienne Pokwang.

Zanjoe Marudo is a Vic Sotto fan since he was young.

Zanjoe Marudo is a Vic Sotto fan since he was young.

According to Zanjoe Marudo, he admires Sotto a lot because he is a good man and a relaxed person. Also, all his films have moral lessons in general. Most importantly, the man was so nice to him when they did together a project for ABS-CBN 2. Excitedly, he revealed that his latest portrayal in the movie would be a chemistry of Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. Similarly, it is megged by Tony Reyes, a well-acclaimed comedy director in the country.

In addition to this, Zanjoe Marudo has disclosed that there’s still much to learn about his chosen career path.Speaking of his latest movie project, he plays the role of a man who has an amnesia and was made to believe that he is getting married to Pokwang. Their hilarious comedy team up, the Illegal Wife, will be in theatres on June 11, 2014.

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